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Essential marine nutrients for your cat

Introducing the new Antarctic krill range.
When optimizing the nutritional content of our natural wet cat food, we always seek out the best possible ingredients. By that, we mean that our ingredients provide nutritional benefits, be easy to absorb, and should be close to what a cat would eat in nature. Our experience with Cookie, who was allergic to all fish products, sent us on a…

Decoding cat food labels

In discussions with many cat owners on social media, it became clear that cat food labels are a difficult subject. All owners want to feed their cats the best possible food. Knowing what is best is not enough though. You also need to understand the label to make sure that the tin or bag or pouch actually contains what you want to feed your cat. There is a sea of information on both topics.…

Multipack mania

In the autumn we introduced two multipacks to test their popularity. The response was overwhelming, and we decided to go with the flow and are happy to introduce a few new multipacks! Now you can also get multipacks in other tin sizes, from 80g up to 780g! Visit our web site and check out the new category – Multipacks.

KITTEN BEDROLL… so many options…

Every cat loves to snuggle in warm and cozy place. Kitten bedroll ina form of sleeping bag is perfect for home and traveling with your cat. 01. Flat.
02. Roll it out and make a donut.
03. Fold to create a (soft)box.
04. Keep your cat warm in the cat transporter.
05. Turn it inside out and change.
06. Fits more than one… 83. Kitten Bedroll comes in…

Why do we use plant-based bio oils in production of 3coty® cat food?

A question we are often asked … Cat owners also want to know if use of organic plant oils is safe in cat food, as felines are strict carnivores (that is, should be on a 100% meat diet). For starters, we have to understand that talking about oils, we are actually talking about fat. Fat is a crucial component of cat’s diet as it is a concentrated source of energy and supplies the essential…

47 is a new kitten food

Turkey + Goose for Kittens (number 47) is now fully loaded and available online! Also in large sizes ? We have developed this new product because with a METABOLISABLE ENERGY of 240 kcal/100g it will be really helpful not only for the kittens development, but also for pregnant queens and for recovery after surgery.  

Yummy shredded range available at our store

It is here, available for purchase – delicious shredded range products. Yes, we have decided to introduce additional variant – now you can choose between traditional pate, delicate mousse and shredded food. Your cat will go mad for it, as the shredded range has been getting very positive response during tests. Let your cat try the new 07. shredded Turkey or 19. shredded Chicken…

Shredded turkey is here

What makes it different to the 04. Turkey by 3coty? Our new product, 07. Turkey, has more leg meat and the meat has bigger chunks. It is loved by cats and we hope it will be a popular product. Soon available from our web site.

Welcome to 3coty Club

At 3coty we value our customers with large breed cats or actively breeding. To meet their needs, we started 3coty Club range of products sold exclusively from our online store.
It’s all about the size – each tin is 1.25 Kg, equivalent to 3,2 390g tins. Pilot flavours are 01. Chicken and 29. Chicken + Goose. Other flavours to follow shortly.

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